Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 (Win32/Win64) packages are now available

After some investigation of a couple of issues, I've finished to set up daily build packages compiled with Visual Studio 2010. Just as for the previous packages I've compiled all the dependecies with Visual Studio 2010 to prevent from potential memory corruption issues as described in my earlier post: Redistribution of the shared C runtime component in Visual C++

The packages can be downoaded from the usual location:

In addition to the binary packages the build SDKs for VS2010 are also available (containing the libs and headers)

Although the builds seem to be in good condition (the auto tests are running correctly) don't hesitate to contact me if any further issues encountered.

Note on the MrSID driver: Currently there are no available VS2010 versions of the LizardTech GeoExpress Raster DSDK, therefore the MrSID plugin is not included in the Visual Studio 2010 packages. However you might want to copy (bin\lti_dsdk_dll.dll and bin\gdal\plugins\gdal_MrSID.dll) from the corresponding VS2008 packages in order to have MrSID support switched on.


  1. The next release of MrSID ("later this year") will come with VS10 support.


  2. Great! I will update the builds as soon as it becomes available.

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