Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mapserver daily builds has been added to osgeo4w

The build server at has now been configured to provide daily built packages (x86 and x64) from the latest MapServer development and stable branches.

In addition to the mapserver core, the python and the java packages are also provided.

In the osgeo4w package selection page the following packages can be selected:

  1. mapserver,mapserver-python,mapserver-java -> corresponds to the latest release (these packages are being built manually as soon as a new release is issued)
  2. mapserver-dev,mapserver-python-dev,mapserver-java-dev -> corresponds to the latest master branch
  3. mapserver-stable-dev,mapserver-python-stable-dev,mapserver-java-stable-dev -> corresponds to the latest stable branch

When using the -dev and -stable-dev packages You should re-run the osgeo4w installer regularly to be up to date with the recent builds


  1. I have not been able to reach today and neither a while ago --- was that page moved? I get "Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET"

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