Friday, March 7, 2014

IntraMaps Roam first release - Windows QGIS Data Collection

Digital Mapping Solutions, and Nathan Woodrow, would like to announce the first version of IntraMaps Roam - a simple, but flexible, Windows based data collection application built using Python and QGIS.

IntraMaps Roam (or Roam for short) is a standalone, fully bundled, Python application that was created to do data collection with a QGIS backend. For those of you who have seen my QMap project Nathan started a year or so ago you can consider this a reincarnation of that project. Most of the code has been reworked and using the QGIS libs gave him full flexibility in layout.

The release page can be found at and the wiki with all the information to get started at: You can also take a look at the FAQ for the common questions:

Roam has been a great exercise in using and bundling QGIS libs with a Python application.

As Roam is based on PyQt and QGIS it is under the GPL2 license. Pull requests are welcome.


Happy mapping!


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